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Avenida Home is the brainchild of Isabel Saiz. Previously the Head of Marketing at the eminent Farrow & Ball, the force behind the Home Collection at National Trust, Delicious Art at the National Gallery, London and the revival of Ary Trays. Saiz is also a proud winner of the prestigious International Design Effectiveness Award.

Avenida means avenue in Spanish. It is a difficult word to pronounce and most probably not what an expert in building exclusive brands would have advised. Starting my own brand was different, every aspect of the brand had to feel me, inspire me and the name had to relate to the brand's promise. In my mind the word avenue has connotations of discovery, new things, new ways and often grand and beautiful and my dream is to bring unexpected designs, beauty and quality to homely accessories... and this is how it all began.

We want every one to have an interesting time browsing through our fantastic collections and learning about our exceptional designers. We want our products to be used and enjoyed for a long time. 

About Avenida
About Avenida
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