Artikelnummer: 118-002G

Fox Table Mat

38 × 29 × 0.5 cm

Gesamtprodukt: £29.00

An imaginative collaborative piece featuring Puddin’head's whimsical design and Avenida Home creation, this FOX TABLE MAT comes from our exclusive Animal Collection of home decor and porcelain bowls, plates and mugs. Invite someone really interesting for a casual coffee or a delectable dinner!

This teal green, fantastical fox tablemat will brighten up any table. Perfect if you have a fondness for foxes and woodland animals or simply appreciate the quirky things in life.

Pair this perfectly with our complimentary hare, deer or squirrel table mats, and matching fox plates and coasters to create a unique and creative table setting.

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  • 38x29cm (15" x 11.5")
  • 4.8mm thick eucalyptus board
  • Protective melamine coating
  • Heat resistant to 160℃
  • Non-slip cork base
  • Made in England