UGS : 693-009G

Cats Oreo Coaster

10 × 10 × 0.3 cm

Produit total : £8.00

Creators and curators of the world's most fascinating and visually inspiring home decor collections, Avenida Home brings unique, fun-filled, art and design into your life with this OREO CAT COASTER. Featuring the feline chic of Anne Bentley's designs, this charming eucalyptus wood drinks coaster, from the Cats & Dogs Collection, is the perfect addition to any cat lover's home.

Oreo's black and white fur - reminiscent of a famous biscuit of a similar name - contrasts beautifully with the green tones of the houseplant, his jaunty red blanket, and the vibrant teal background. But Oreo isn't just for show – he's also a talented co-pilot! Keep this sassy kitty by your side when enjoying a hot or cold drink. Charming in every way, our cat coasters will make you smile. Made in Britain, these locally-made decor delights also make the perfect gift for anyone that enjoys great contemporary design.

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  • 4.8mm thick eucalyptus board
  • Protective melamine coating
  • Heat resistant to 160°C (320°F)
  • Non-slip cork base
  • Made in England