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Paisley Purple Tablecloth

200 × 150 × 0.3 cm

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Designers, creators, producers and passionate purveyors of fine things, Studio Avenida presents PAISLEY BUTA PURPLE TABLECLOTH - one of the most beautifully items in the Paisley Collection.

Vibrant patterns, full of colours and movement, bring these intricate paisley illustrations to life. This mesmerising Paisley design is inspired by a centuries-old teardrop floral motive believed to be of Persian origin.

Made in Sweden, this decor delight is designed to be delicate and different. Pair this beautifully intricate PAISLEY FLORAL OVAL TRAY with any of our Paisley or nature-inspired coasters, fine linen napkins, tea towels, tablecloths, or other decorative birch wood serving trays.

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  • 33x25cm
  • Natural birch wood back
  • Protective melamine coating
  • Can be used with food
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Handmade in Sweden