SKU: 265-516L

Palatial Set Of Six Fine Linen Table Mats

45 × 38 × 0.3 cm

Product Total: £200.00

The Palatial Set of three fine linen table mats has been created in collaboration with duo artists and designers John and Don for Patch NYC. The set is made up of three true favourites and you receive two of each: Poets Corner, Temple Fruits and White Horse Floral designs. Beautifully printed and hand made to a high standard, these European fine linen Table mats have English hem and are backed with neutral coloured linen fabric. The absolute must and perfect décor for the holiday season

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  • 38 x 45cm (15" x 17.5")
  • Made from 100% European linen
  • Machine washable at 40℃
  • Hot iron